A revolutionary colour system

A unique polychromatic range of hand crafted colours made from artisan pigments

Light Base paint goes with Light Base colours. Deep Base paint goes with Deep Base colours.

The ColourMaster Palette is a range of beautiful neutral colours crafted from the highest quality natural pigments sourced from across the globe. ColourMaster combines natural pigments such as Champagne Chalk, Ochre, Bone Black and Ultramarine with our unique pigment technology to create a collection of essential neutrals.

Elemental Colour

ColourMaster gives you the finest colours straight from the earth. Just open your tin and stir in ColourMaster. Simple.

Champagne Chalk

Champagne chalk like the wine with which it shares its name, has a pale biscuit tint. Only ColourMaster delivers to you a colour made from the same materials used for centuries to house the king of wines.

Bone Black

In early civilisations, bone char ground with gum formed the first paint. Today, burnt bone is still a valued black pigment, being non toxic and sustainable. It provides a variety of subtle, smoky velvet tones.


Ultramarine became the basis of the startling blue abstractions of 20th century French painter, Yves Klein, who developed his own system for suspending ultramarine blue in the paint medium. From over the sea, a palette of cool, clean blues.

French Ochre

Ochre pigments are sourced from only the best naturally processed clays. The colour variation depends on the natural balance of oxides, the size of the pigment particles and the number of other minerals present in the same clay. Ochres create vibrant, spirited tones from deep in the rich earth.

Stir it yourself in four easy steps:

1 — Open

Remove cap and seal.

2 — Tip

Slowly pour contents of the container into your base paint.

3 — Stir

Stir colour into the paint using a kitchen spatula.

4 — Paint

Paint is ready to use in 2–3 minutes or when a full, even colour has developed.